Professional grade cohesive bandages for fantastic wrist and fingers protection


Popular use:

Goalkeepers around the world use them to give an extra support to the wrist and fingers.

As well used to hold the shin pads and match the colour cuts socks.

Copoly flexible cohesive bandage properties:

  • strong elastic polyester non-woven cloth with latex coating
  • Enhanced self-adhesive  properties with no need for clips and fasteners
  • Totally flexible and breathable, maintains its original size so will not constrict
  • Gives high resistance to sweat and water
  • Keeps the wrist and fingers in place
  • Is quick and easy to remove by hand, leaving no sticky residue
  • Supports and protects
  • Is easily repositioned and can be used numerous times if unwound carefully
  • May be hand washed twice if needed
  • Is easily teared, no need for scissors

​​​​​​​* Please note the product contains latex and may cause allergic reactions